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Glow Tea | Organic Herbal Blends

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Beautify | Cleanse | Regenerate 

This beautifying blend with berry and citrus notes is gently purifying and rich in antioxidants.


Glow from the inside out with this delicate blend to support lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention and gently clear your largest organ of detoxification: your skin.

Dandelion Leaf, cleavers and calendula are gently purifying and diuretic herbs, while nettle offers a bounty of vitamins and minerals.

Rosehip, goji berries, hibiscus and lemon peel offer some of nature’s finest antioxidants; protecting, supporting and regenerating your delicate skin cells.

Ingredients: dandelion leaf; rosehip; hibiscus; calendula; cleavers; horsetail; nettle; goji berries; lemon peel.

120 grams