Bucket of Raspberries - Raspberry

$159.00 $225.00

The tastiest bucket on the market! The Bucket of Raspberries is the sweetest treat, featuring hand-woven acrylic pink pearls throughout the bucket with a matching pearl handle. Lined with Suryo batik lining, for security purposes it has a drawstring with acrylic pearl and glass beads.

Details Crochet bucket bag with handwoven pearl beading and acrylic pearl handle

Colour Raspberry (a warm red-pink)

Height (Including handle) 30cm

Diameter 16cm

Suryo is made with care to be handled with care. When wearing your Suryo avoid sharp objects, tough surfaces & is best stored in Suryo dust bag when not in use.

You’re special and so is each piece of Suryo! Each piece is handmade and each piece is unique to the next.