Bucket of Blueberries - Violet

$140.00 $199.00

Inspired by frozen blueberries, this crochet snack is the perfect wardrobe addition.

With its textured pattern creating a bubble effect throughout the body, the bucket is finished with metallic yarn frilling on the top. It features a pearl handle. This bag has a drawstring for security purposes.

Details Bucket bag crocheted in purple and metallic violet yarn with a hand-beaded acrylic pearl handle

Colour Violet with purple pearls

Height (Including handle) 30cm

Diameter 18cm

Suryo is made with care to be handled with care. When wearing your Suryo avoid sharp objects, tough surfaces & is best stored in Suryo dust bag when not in use.

You’re special and so is each piece of Suryo! Each piece is handmade and each piece is unique to the next.