16TH JAN 



As Australia continues to burn, we are reminded of our collective responsibility to protect our only home, planet earth, for future generations.


Whether you believe in ‘climate change’ as an umbrella term or not, the devastation the bushfires have wrought on the Australian people, environment and wildlife, is undeniable.


It's time to stand up & say “EARTH MATTERS”!




Artist (Drawing) 

BA Visual Communications (Hons), 2017, UTS


Artist (Painter) 

COFA, 2016, UNSW

Annabel Cook creates works in pen and crayon on paper. For Annabel, the very act of creation is a natural act – her one-line style of drawing is carthatic, allowing her work to take on a life of its own. 


Cook’s works feature frequently feature conglomerations of faces, inextricably linked through her ‘one-line’ drawing technique and their combined visual effect. Each face is a nucleus of activity, in both isolation and connection and is a reflection upon individual and collective responsibility, the interconnectedness of mankind as it exists on earth. 

Gabrielle Penfold is a contemporary artist who works across different mediums, favouring oil paint and clay. Penfold’s love of travel and discovering places ‘off the beaten track’ provides much of the subject matter for her paintings, which feature European coastlines, plentiful banquets of fresh produce and moonlit figures.


Penfold is a keen environmentalist who believes “we can no-longer trust our elected leaders… they have demonstrated neither the will nor the desire to prioritise environmental issues. We must use our own voices to do what we can. This is scream for climate action now. The earth matters.”



Artist (Sculptor) 

Harley Fry is a sculptor based in Lennox Head NSW. Originating from the Wheatbelt district of Western Australia, Harley grew up on his family’s sandalwood plantation. Fry graduated from Narrogin Trades College where he studied concrete design and metal fabrication, which eventually led him to explore the mediums’ potential through his art. 


Having produced both functional and purely sculptural works Fry continues to explore the relationship between the natural and industrial through his use of concrete and steel, which serves as a reminder of the constant tension that exists between them.  Fry stands firmly on earth’s side saying, “there can be only one winner… without the earth, there is no man.” 



Artist (Painter & Founder of WEARETRIIBE) 

Born in Java, descendent from Australian father and a German mother, D’Abadie was wordly from birth. She was raised in rural Queensland and has memories of thriving wildlife, reliable seasons, fruitful crops and grazing cattle – a stark contrast to the drought ravaged countryside of today. d’Abadie now resides in the Byron hinterland, which though idyllic, have also been plagued by the devastating bushfires that continue to burn over much of Australia.


d'Abadie's works are layered and textural, using oil paint to achieve thick markings and broad strokes to replicate the structure of landscapes in three dimensions. They often utilise additional textural elements like sand, to emulate the shadows, crevasses and formations of various landscapes. d’Abadie is acutely aware of changes in the landscapes from which she draws inspiration. Her work documents the landscapes that surround her home through times of drought and flood. 



Artist (Photographer & Creative Director of Auteur)

UTS 2006 

Always a creative at heart, Lucinda Taffs studied fashion design at UTS, before travelling the world first as a model, then as a stylist and photographer and now as the Creative Director of Auteur, a US based fashion label that is committed to sustainable fashion. 


Taffs’ career has made her acutely aware of the huge, detrimental impact of fast fashion and, indeed the fashion industry generally, on the environment through.  Her selected works are deliberately almost editorial in nature – the subject and the water share the limelight – demonstrating the way in which an environmental consciousness can transform fashion and nature into complementary rather than oppositional forces.



Artist (Textile )   

Kural is a textile artist who creates woven works for display both on and off the wall. 

Kural’s works utilise both natural and recycled materials, reflecting her awareness of issues surrounding both sustainability and mankind’s impact on the earth.  Kural’s color palette of earthy hues, together with the delicate nature of her work, invites the viewer to reflect upon the very nature of the earth, its fragile simplicity and, of course, it’s beauty. 



Artist (Ceramicist)

New Orleans & Parsons School of Design, New York

Angell has established quite a following in Los Angeles, where he now resides, and has worked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Erica Badu and Phillip Lim. Angell has also produced bespoke ceramics for restaurants like Elephanté, MacArthur Place and Sonoma in the States. 


Angell feels connected to the earth through his chosen medium, clay. The selected pieces are from a body of work called ‘Mindfulness’, whose title was inspired by the period of time surrounding the birth of his first child. Throughout this time, Angell reflected upon existential questions; time; mortality; and the far from desirable state of the world and emerged emerge resolved to the earth’s protection for the benefit of future generations. 



Artist (Photographer & Former Creative Director of Venroy )   

Smallbone has always been passionate about design; having been co-founder and former Creative Director of acclaimed fashion label, Venroy. Environmental consciousness, much like is own creative inspiration, resonates from his own interests in travel and the greater outdoors. 


Smallbone favours film over digital photography as his images have the graininess and depth of an era gone-by. His work explores an intimate relationship between his subjects and their surroundings, reminding the viewer to be present, to absorb and to appreciate the earth’s natural beauty for which man’s enjoyment, and indeed existence, relies upon.