Melbourne-based painter Cameron Holmes is an artist who draws on personal and observational experiences for inspiration.. Holmes is an artist of the 'here & now" that explores the flawed/fragile/beautiful nature of the human condition using vulnerability as a form of expression. 

"My artwork explores the fragility of the human condition through a social, political and psychological context. I believe all art is re-creating the beauty of nature, and human beings are both conflicting in our beauty and destructive natures.

My style is constantly evolving, and my work relies heavily on symbols and depictions of real things. I focus largely on the human figure.

I am balancing being an artist of the here and now, representing the present, while also respecting and learning from the past masters that inspired generations of artists. 

I collaborate with music, image, text, books and people around me. I work to a the me, or an original idea, and then build around that. This can bring about an extremely layered piece or a very minimalistic painting. Whenever creating a new piece of work my goal is always to create something that has both visually aesthetic and intellectually stimulating.

I don't restrict myself to one single material or surface. The painting's story, message, and subject matter take precedence over the materials used in any case.

My work is autobiographical in some cases, as I believe that vulnerability is important as an artist. My own vulnerability is a constant form of inspiration for me and continuing to express that for others is a responsibility that I need to be honest enough to give.

My hope is that people will relate, because a lot of my art is exploring universal topics that affect all of us."